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Up your career in IT and be CERTIFIED!

InstaLearn Guam, we believe in providing students with strong foundations through lessons taught inside the digital classroom, as well as activities available remotely.

Keyboard and Mouse

Know Us

InstaLearn aims to deliver a competency-based training and courses using various teaching methodologies with the use of different technologies that enhances learning experience.


InstaLearn is a learning hub established in 2020 through the shared initiative of industry professionals who intended to have a learning center dedicated in the development and improvement of computer-skills in the IT and other professional industry. 

Passionate About Helping You To Be 

On Top Of Your Career

If your goal is to be on top of your career, our goal is to provide you with

the best way towards it. We want every professional to unleash their 

full-potentials and discover how far they can grow their career through

high-quality computer training programs. We want to see you reach your career destinations.

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